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Embracing Change

To embrace means to ‘accept or support a belief, theory, or change willingly and enthusiastically’. So how do we get past the fear part of change to be willing to get to the embrace part of change?

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Love is a Verb

Love is not simply words or feelings. Love is action. Love is in every little choice you make every moment of every day. Each choice defines movement, shape. Each choice made of love in action builds and keeps building a solid whole.

The Road Ahead

You know why you are on the road. You know your destination—you may not know what’s around the next bend, but you drive with a firm hand, swerve when necessary, take detours when you sense dead ends and pay close heed to warning signs.

The New Business Model Is You

There is a lot of talk about creating ‘the new business model’ however designing it through the lens of What, How and Why ignores the most vital component
Who, the lifeblood of an organization.

Business is a State of Mind

This state of mind goes well beyond a fearless pursuit of wealth and notoriety. This is a force that PULLS you forward relentlessly.

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