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The Think8 Global Institute trains executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and those passionate about the world’s future to create meaningful change and prosperity in the fields of: Business, Education, Women Empowerment, Media and Global Affairs

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New Think Training Program

Our 8-STEP SCALE™ Program gives you the knowledge and skills to: 

Unlock your full creative potential to achieve success in your business or career

Stimulate fresh thinking at all levels of your organization

Achieve creative consensus among management and personnel to effectively lead

Accurately diagnose and correct any stalled strategy or tactical planning

Generate a culture of true innovation and dedication in the organization

The old think focuses on the real, the new think creates the impossible

the new think training program

The NEW THINK TRAINING PROGRAM is a live online course that teaches an entirely unique approach to Creative Thinking, enabling you to solve any problem, situation, strategy or perceived ‘blocks’ so you can affect meaningful change in any area of your professional or personal life.

Training thousands all over the world including university graduates pursuing a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, the Think8 Global Institute crosses all sectors -- business, innovation, arts, and social causes. Our philosophy “New Think for the New Possible’ challenges ‘best practices’ by redefining creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and management.

The NEW THINK TRAINING PROGRAM helps individuals and organizations fully understand their true worth to create a ‘new possible’ for themselves. This course offers theory, exercises, and practical application in one-on-one sessions to:

  • Recognize and unlock your full creative potential
  • Diagnose and solve any stalled strategy or tactical plans
  • Develop the skill to build consensus and stimulate fresh thinking
  • Affect meaningful, sustainable, and profitable change in any area
  • Create a Dynamic Blueprint™ to take your dream, career, or company to the next level

The old think focuses on the real, the new think creates the impossible

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our process

Our NEW THINK TRAINING PROGRAM course is 12 hours conveniently scheduled in 2hr online sessions over 3 weeks. Enrollment is limited to ensure hands-on student/instructor interactivity.

what people are saying about the Think8 Global Institute

"Before your training, last year saw a dip in our revenue to $650k. After the training, I just got a $1.3million deal. I have a few more goals I want to achieve this year and I've been looking for bigger/better opportunities. Even a couple of recruiters have contacted me. My spirit, attitude, and how I approach each piece of business has all improved. I'm sharpening my skills. Time spent with you is paying dividends and I'm very grateful. This is just the beginning!" Nick Farella, Entrepreneur  

"Modern life is full of changes and, sometimes, we can feel overwhelmed. Meeting Mark help me see clearer the shape of my different projects both professional and personal. Mark is a mastermind of the "Who" business. A training where the "You" becomes a better person! An adventure where I learned something that is still with me today and that will still be with me tomorrow. Don't do more. Do it differently!" Francois Lincourt, Directeur des services conseils en épargne Chez FlexiFonds de solidarité FDQ 

"I feel energized, inspired and empowered to educate millions to maximize their true potential. These last 3 days just reinforced my belief that individually and collectively we could change the world and that will only happen if we apply all of this great knowledge and teach it to everyone." Domenic Presutti, Managing Director Henley & Partners, Canada LTD 

"I can only say that after 25 years in business I never saw such candor applied to simplify such a deep and yet simple approach to blunt questions about purpose. It truly deeply helped me get out of my head and teach my heart that it can be fully trusted (again). I found an amazing network of people in service of a greater good." Jonathan Bélisle, Founder – Transformational Designer, Studio Hello  

"Ubisoft is an ecosystem with a lot of stakeholders, coming from many different departments. The 8-Step Scale created by the Think8 Global Institute is a tool that helps us nurture our collaborative mindset and aligns everyone towards a common vision. The process is highly efficient and ensures that we successfully articulate the essential messaging of a brand and that we establish a common core semantic." David Polfeldt, Managing Director, Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio  

"When I first joined National Bank of Canada Financial, I decided to invest in myself by hiring an external Business Design and Executive Training firm to help me establish a Value Business DNA that changed my business proposition and grounded my business framework to the tee, and made me able to start running on day one. Mr. Mark Shekter from the Think8 Global Institute was the best business decision and Investment I ever made." Nicolas Schulman, Vice President National Bank Financial  

"All my gratitude and my satisfaction for the work we accomplished together these three days. I'm still under the shock (good shock) and the surprise to have discovered so much amplitude in the process. Thank you for your professionalism, thank you for your generosity, thank you for your support." Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur, International Business Consultant & Life Coach 

"This was one of the most absorbing, intense, engaging and impactful training workshops I have ever attended. The energy, passion and style from start to finish was unparalleled. Mark’s simple ways of getting the best out of the entire team and the ease at which he does this with very minimal involvement of technology is revolutionary." Sarah Wagner, Executive Director New Brunswick Association for Better Living  

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MARK SHEKTER Co-Founder & CEO More About Mark

NANCY BOTKIN Co-Founder & President More About Nancy

KYLIE MARTIN Director of Global Institute More About Kylie

SUSAN COLLINS Director of Operations More About Susan 

our training facilities

The Think8 Global Institute is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. We are delivering training both online & with our Think8 Mobile Institute training available in key cities around the world. 

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