The Road Ahead

Nancy Trites Botkin

“There is nothing in the world, I venture to say, that would so effectively help one to survive even in the worst conditions as the knowledge that there is a meaning in one's life.” - Viktor Frankl

I’m often asked if living your Purpose makes life easier. Yes and no. Yes, new turns on the road appear as if out of nowhere. But no, the road does not suddenly become smooth and straight.

Synchronicity surprises you in ways you’ve never before experienced. Humming flows of energy fuel every move. A calm knowingness keeps you centered, and if you do veer off, rumble strips jar you back into wakefulness.

But there is still a road to be travelled.

Soft shoulders crumble when you least expect, gaping potholes crack suspensions, old ruts grab at tires. Sleet, black ice, falling trees, not to mention crazy drivers are all part of the road.

It’s life.

But a full and concise articulation of your purpose in alignment with your life means you willingly work to develop the ability and knowhow; you learn to drive well.

You know why you are on the road. You know your destination—you may not know what’s around the next bend, but you drive with a firm hand, swerve when necessary, take detours when you sense dead ends and pay close heed to warning signs.

Travel well, and on purpose… you can’t be stopped.

- Nancy Trites Botkin

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As the Co-Founder and CEO of the Think8 Global Institute Mark trains and models start-ups, SME’s and Fortune 500 companies to new think the way they do business.