The Think8 Global Institute offers an onsite and online course in new think through its Think8 Training program.

Created by Hollywood Emmy-winning writer-producers Mark Shekter and Nancy Trites Botkin, the Think8 system - The 8-Step Scale™ - is used by companies and organizations around the globe, from start-ups to multinationals, and is part of a University Masters Degree program in Management and Entrepreneurship.

The 8-Step Scale™

The 8-Step Scale™ is an entirely ‘new think’ on how to creatively solve any problem, situation, strategy or business block.


The system is based on years of research and application to isolate the common denominators present in personal and professional achievement. And how their absence explains a lack of success.


The 8-Step Scale™ is the discovery of the 8 key factors essential for success in any field.  When each point is handled fully and in a specific sequence, it unlocks an individual’s or organization’s creative potential to build a dynamic and prosperous future.


T8 Training is designed for industry leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and anyone with a passion for meaningful change in their personal or professional lives.

the delivery

T8 Training is delivered online over 9hr, conveniently scheduled in 3 x 3hr sessions. It’s also offered onsite at the Global Institute over 2 consecutive days


The course is delivered LIVE and limited in size for maximum participation and one-on-one guidance by our expert instructors.



The background philosophy of Think8 (‘new think’ on Creativity).



Origins and Theory of the 8-Step Scale™ and Case Studies of its global adoption.



Gaining certainty with the 8-Step Scale™ through simulated situations.



How to apply the 8-Step Scale to your own organization, project or career to improve efficiencies and performance to achieve success.

the benefits

  • Unlocks your full creative potential to successfully manage your business or career
  • Stimulates innovative thinking at all levels of your organization
  • Achieves consensus among management and personnel to realize common goals
  • Accurately diagnoses and creatively solves any stalled strategy or tactical plan
  • Creates a culture of innovation, collaboration and dedication for any organization or project
  • Skill to apply the 8-Step Scale™ to affect meaningful change in any area
  • Confidence that you have the ability to create an exciting future