Old think is a passive approach and a failure to recognize that consumer tastes have changed and that people now want a career that’s meaningful. For us, new think is recognizing your unlimited potential and marketing your true worth, accelerating growth and fostering a true sense of purpose. It’s about making a real difference for your stakeholders, your community and the world.

The Think8 Global Institute offers a live innovative online course in new think through its Think8 Training program. Created by Emmy-winning writer-producers Mark Shekter and Nancy Trites Botkin, the Think8 system using The 8-Step Scale™, is used by companies and organizations around the globe, from start-ups to multinationals and is part of a University Masters Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship.

think8 global online training

Based on innovative systems created by co-founders Mark Shekter and Nancy Trites Botkin, the Think8 Global Institute educates and inspires thousands of individuals and scores of companies and organizations around the world. This new philosophy of work and life is based on authenticity, integrity, and the realization of your full potential.

the benefits

The 8-Step scale™ is an entirely new think on how to creatively solve any problem, situation, strategy or perceived ‘blocks’ in your business process.

  • It unlocks your full creative potential to succeed in your business and career.
  • Gives you the ability to accurately diagnose and solve any stalled strategy or tactical plan.
  • Develops the skill to build consensus among management and personnel that stimulates fresh thinking at every level.
  • Trains you to apply the Think8 system to effect meaningful, sustainable and profitable change in any area.
  • Creates your Dynamic Blueprint™ to take your company or organization to the next level.

$3,500 (per seat)*

*ask about corporate rates

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the course

The online Institute training is 12 hours conveniently scheduled in 6, two-hour sessions over three weeks.

As it is very interactive and hands-on, we keep enrollment small to ensure good student/instructor interaction.

  • Orientation: The background philosophy of Think8 and new think on creativity.
  • Introduction: The theory of the 8-Step scale™ in case studies of global adoption.
  • Exercises & Drills: Gaining proficiency with the 8-Step scale™.
  • Practical Application: Using the 8-Step scale™ on your current issues whether it’s within your organization or to bring your own projects to life by creating a dynamic blueprint™.
  • Future Directions: Apply the 8-Step scale™ to meet your goals. Whether it is to create a new business, a new product, or improve efficiencies and performance to achieve success in any area.