An executive team, fortified with dynamic and in­novative management tools, and equipped with an inspiring corporate narrative is an unstoppable combination.

The Think8 Global Institute, headquartered in Montreal Canada, trains and offers Business Model Design to executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and those passionate about creating meaningful change and prosperity in the fields of:

Business Finance Technology The Arts Retail
Wellness Media Marketing Global Affairs

our purpose

To enable others to achieve the seemingly impossible
through an entirely “new think” to generate effective, meaningful solutions

our approach

Most management training & business model design focuses on the WHAT
what product or services are being created, at what quality, for what use

Many focus on the HOW
how to deliver it faster, cheaper, in greater volume

Some focus on the WHY
why the business exists, its mandate or mission

We add to this list by addressing the WHO,
who you are as an individual or organization, what drives you,
what you stand for.

our program

Whole Business Design™

Whole Business Design™ is a Think8 Corporate Program that addresses the fundamental issues of any organization in a precise step-by-step sequence that results in the total alignment of all its various operations and activities, and the optimization of its personnel and resources around a 360° Vision of its full potential.

Whole Business Design™ is modelled to deliver real-time results as the shifts in management viewpoint can be substantial and are instantly actionable.

The Program utilizes Think8’s proprietary systems and processes, including expertise in communication and marketing drawn from the co-founders’ background in creating successful Hollywood franchises.

FIRST STAGE - Dynamic Blueprint™

The First Stage uses the highly innovative 8-Step Scale™ to construct a Dynamic Blueprint™ for your business that outlines the scope of its true potential and plots a roadmap for accelerated growth. This is the Creative Vision that generates full buy-in from all key executives and stakeholders and drives your organization to succeed beyond expectations.


This Stage identifies the ultimate core benefit, the Unique Value Proposition (UVP), that your business offers the consumer: why your company is in business in the first place. The DNA is precise, pin-pointed, and powerful as it is the real value provided through your product or service. The DNA is the differential that sets your business apart from the competition.

THIRD STAGE - Structural Design

This Stage is how to re-organize your business to optimally develop, market and deliver your product or service. It is the re-modeling of your operation and systems to ensure efficiency, profitability and consumer satisfaction in a highly competitive market. It’s not about “best practices” but the structural flow and communication channels that best serve your specific company needs.

FOURTH STAGE - Business Model

This Stage is how you’ll profit from your business. It validates the marketability of your product or service, calculates your financial projections, computes competitive pricing, and selects the correct marketing channels to optimize consumer penetration and sales to monetize your Unique Value Proposition (Corporate DNA).
This Model is your Strategic Plan for success.

FIFTH STAGE - Brand Narrative

This Stage formulates your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) by creating a compelling CORPORATE STORY that attracts consumers and investors. This is building your BRAND. It’s more than a logo or stylish graphic design. It’s the basic market appeal presenting you as an authentic, transparent company offering something of real value for the consumer. The Think8 Studio offers a full range of promotional and marketing assets (branding, copywriting, audio, visuals, logos, graphics, videos & digital broadcast platforms) to service your needs.

SIXTH STAGE - Business Plan

This Stage is the creation of a compelling business case designed to attract general financing, strategic investors and other key stakeholders who see in your Plan the opportunity for exceptional growth in the short and long-term. The Plan is expertly crafted to present the key elements for success: (i) an innovative product or service; (ii) an ability to scale, and (iii) an understanding of where the market is going so that the business can be made future-proof.

SEVENTH STAGE - True Partnership™

This Stage uses Think8’s proprietary Corporate Awareness Chart™ to identify, assess and qualify the right personnel and strategic partners to assist in the growth of your business. The strength of your business rests entirely on the quality of those working with you. It’s vital that everyone on your team, and everyone associated directly or indirectly with your company is fully aligned with your goals. It’s a matter of the correct “Organizational Physics” with everyone pulling in the same direction.

EIGHTH STAGE - Action Plan

This Stage puts the entire Whole Business Design™ into action, with a clear set of steps and milestones that are monitored day-by-day, week-by-week, to ensure success. It’s the precise Tactical Plan to implement all the preceding STAGES of the program based on a purposeful strategy that inspires the team to perform at the optimum level.

“The 8-Step Scale™ process can materially help people to achieve their full potential. Relevant for anyone who has the desire to achieve success however they define it.”

David SculthorpeFormer President of Cadbury UK and Ireland

“Having worked with the world’s top management consultancies, I’ve never witnessed better outcomes from leadership teams after applying the Think8 process.”

David WagnerPresident, CEO Atlantic Hydrogen

“Think8 is a unique model for helping people - in business and the arts - think or rethink their approach to innovation and creativity.”

Carol FrancoFormer Editor, Harvard Business Review

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