As a Designated Organization for Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program (CSUV), the Think8 Global Institute offers Incubation services to those entrepreneurs passionate about creating a viable and meaningful business in Canada.

CSUV Program offers a wide range of benefits to those entrepreneurs who qualify, such as:

  • An unconditional permanent residence visa
  • A pathway to Canadian citizenship, of one of most valuable in the world
  • The same rights, benefits, and protection as a Canadian citizen, except the right to vote
  • Universal public health system
  • Largely subsidized education system.

To be eligible for the CSUV program, the applicant must be accepted by a designated Canadian business incubator such as the Think8 Global Institute.

We look for entrepreneurs with innovative projects that have an international scale in various sectors, including:

IT   AI    Biotech    Communications

Media      Health       Energy     Retail      Manufacturing

Acceptance into the CSUV programs takes the form of a Letter of Support that will accompany your Permanent Resident application to Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC).

Whether your business idea is a new product or service, or an improvement on an existing technology, process, or design, it must meet 3 basic qualifications:

  • Is the idea factually innovative or disruptive?
  • Are there employment opportunities for Canadians?
  • Does the idea have global export potential?

Beyond these 3 essential points to consider when applying to the program, here are the general Eligibility Criteria to qualify:

  • Applicant will allow Think8 Global Institute to conduct due diligence on your personal, business, educational and financial background
  • Applicant is willing to live and work in Canada
  • Applicants can support themselves and family for one year in Canada
  • Applicant can meet or exceed minimum language requirements in either English or French (CBL 5)
  • Applicant can pass a criminal background check
  • A maximum of 5 applicants can apply as owners of a Start-Up provided each must hold 10% or more of the voting rights
  • Applicant must secure a commitment (Letter of Support) from a Designated Organization like Think8 Global Institute
  • All Canadian Immigration Eligibility criteria must be met before acceptance into the SUV program

With the above criteria understood, you are welcome to APPLY to the SUV program by filling out our Questionnaire. (Note: Our new Questionnaire will be available soon on this website).


Once you’ve met all the Canadian government requirements for CSUV applicants, and our standards and policies for acceptance into our Think8 Global Institute incubator program, we can begin our collaboration.


Our proprietary Incubator program, Whole Business Design™, provides the necessary tools for you to build a Start-Up that is fully aligned to your goals and values, and fueled by your passion. Our process guides you into knowing the full value of what you wish to bring to market, provides a solid structure that enables you to develop your concept and operate most productively, and designs a strategic and tactical plan for effective implementation.


With our proven track record of servicing companies of all sizes, from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 corporations, Think8’s team of experienced business professionals and expert technical advisors are ready and committed to help you build your idea into a successful and sustainable enterprise in Canada.


For more information on all the steps necessary to qualify for our Letter of Support, and our Whole Business Design™ incubation program, please contact us at the following email address: